In this corner, weighing in at 28.5 lbs

imageMy wardrobe for the next few months. In the other corner, Rose’s smaller pack, coming in at an impressive 35 lbs.

While she’s got a reasonable stash of moisturizers, a hair dryer and other “I look 28 years old” products, she’s also the anointed drug mule – carrying our pharmacy of drugs and remedies.

Yes, I know. Why am I, the bigger person carrying less weight? Unfortunately, it’s just how it rang in at the counter.

But don’t worry, I will trade packs soon enough, and share in the role of drug donkey.

Now we’re off to Vancouver, then a short 16-hour hop over to Auckland.



One comment

  1. Looking forward to the updates!

    I also wanted to test to see if I could post promotional links to your blog 🙂


    Seriously though enjoy your adventures.

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