Jet lag cyclone

“Jet lag cyclone” summed up our first day in New Zealand. On a separate note, I think it could also make a decent name for a hard rock band.

First, here’s the jet lag (I look like I’m staring at the camera, curious what it is)


Secondly, but obviously way more important in the scheme of things, Cyclone Lusi also arrived in New Zealand a few hours after us, which meant a ton of rain, high winds, power outages and some flooding in parts of the North Island.

Luckily, Auckland avoided the worst of it and I was amazed to see people walking and jogging down the street while sheets of rain poured at them. It just didn’t seem an obstacle. They just carried on, as if it was any other day.

The same deal when we explored a beach near where we are staying – in an area just North of Auckland, called Takapuna. All breed of surfer was taking advantage:


We weren’t quite as hearty: after our beach shots we crashed, hoping to feel a bit more sane before rejoining the world.

Given, I was able to string these sentences together after a sleep, early results are promising.



    1. I think it was actually “No ticket, no laundry”

      Marc – that one was for you. I can hear you laughing hysterically right now.

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