A little ditty called Amed




Well, here’s Amed. Really, le voila. It’s the only photo I took.

There’s a few reasons. The main one: we spent most of our time staring under the water in the photo. About 3 feet from shore is a massive reef that extends throughout the entire bay. We spotted a ton of fish snorkelling, which are best described in the words of an Australian diver we later met on our trip as LBFs and SBFs. (Large Brown, Black, Blue, Fu&*ckers) + (Small Brown, Black, Blue F&*ckers).

The secondary reason is that when we weren’t in the water, we spent our time staring at the water, as seen in the photo, from a beach chair. And, beach vistas, while amazing and calming to look at in person, lose their sheen after one photograph – “Yes, blue, turquoise water. Check. Amazing. Oh. Ok. More turquoise water?”.

The town Amed is amazingly small. It has one tiny street with occasional Warungs dotted along it serving grilled fish, fresh juice and calm. Under these conditions, hijinks were at an all-time low. Here’s a sample: We waited 15 minutes at a restaurant instead of 10! Can you believe it? Now one more. Rose’s sandal broke and she had to buy a new pair!

You can see what I’m working with here. Banality is fine enough to experience, but it’s death for a blog post. With that in mind, it’s time to bring this to a merciful finish.

After bobbing the waves here, we headed inland to the Yoga capital of Bali: Ubud, where things happened!

We saw monkeys! A cultural dance! Ate Bali’s trademark suckling pig! And, narrowly avoided a confrontation with a New Age woman gushing about the importance of her spiritual journey!

Hope that was enough !!!! to wake you from this brief snooze.

Talk soon



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