About us

imageOnce upon a year ago, Rose suggested we take an extended trip from our lives in Toronto. She wanted to do something different. I was also craving change, though I hadn’t  thought of it in these terms.

Rose negotiates for a living, and unsurprisingly started out high: “Let’s go away for 1 year!” I balked: “1 year? How are we going to do that?”

The more we sorted through the details like whether we’d go bankrupt, lose the house, never find work (this is still pending), we both realized that it could be done.

Now understanding that travel was a real prospect, we decided to start out with a trial version, committing to a few months away with an option to renew if things were going well (i.e. we weren’t broke).

So, we rented our house in Toronto, packed our stuff, threw darts at a map and picked: New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia as our first spots to see.

The rest we’ll sort out along the way, which could be completely overconfident, but we’re letting it ride.

Thanks for visiting.

– Marc




  1. Hey you two – you have lift off, and are in Auckland by now – congrats! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

    Some old school wisdom re traveling as a team;

    “Of course men are better than women at reading maps…because only a man can possibly understand how one inch equals a mile!” – Dear Abby

  2. Throwing darts at a map sounds like a great way to choose the next destination. 🙂
    Look forward to reading how your experience at trialling long term travel goes. We are constantly battling with our heads and hearts over this one!

  3. Thank you Marc for entertaining me with your amazing descriptions of your adventures.I always look forward to reading them. Hello to you Rose…….Happy travels!
    Tante Réjeanne

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