This goes for everything it seems in New Zealand. Cars, of course, but we’ve also been in supermarkets looking at shelves on the right, only to be politely steered to the left.

On walking trails, people pass on the left, though I’ve gotten tired on some walks and from forgetfulness or sheer laziness, I stay on the right, which disrupts the oncoming traffic who have a look on their face that says: “But. But. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work”.

As well, New Zealand only keeps left-handed children. Right-handed are sent to Australia. Kidding. Just want to see if you’re still reading.

This sign, also caught our eye:

Rose asked: “What if the artist moves from the street? Do they have to find a new one?”

But, of all the signs I’ve seen so far, I thought this was a helpful reminder:


Knowledge is power.




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